The Best Colors to Attract Positive Energy


Color inspires, attracts, and evokes the soul in ways that are sometimes unexpected, and speaks volumes in a matter of seconds. So what are the colors we choose ‘saying’ to us, and to others, everyday? Are these colors bringing in positivity or are they having the opposite effect?

Let’s discuss a few of the colors that attract positivity into our lives and their attributes. These tools and insights may help you continue to incorporate more positivity into your life every day!


Cheerful, playful, and communicative in its demeanor, yellow (especially bright yellow) instantly lifts and cheers up the mood. Pale yellow, while still buoyant, brings about a more calm and welcoming sense.


  • cheerful
  • energetic
  • playful
  • communicative

Studies have shown that yellow is good for concentration. Perhaps incorporating a splash of yellow to your workspace will enhance and optimize your performance! Add more cheer and playfulness with one of our yellow positive affirmation socks!


Blue explores depth and has a contemplative nature about its energy. It instills a sense of serenity and calm, as well as stability and confidence.


  • tranquility
  • depth
  • calming and serene
  • elicits confidence and safety

If you are looking to reduce the amount of stress and elicit more calm, add more blue to your surroundings. Visit the ocean. Look up at the sky. Wear a jean jacket, or a blue pair of our notes to self® socks


Cleanliness, openness, and refreshment. The color white is light and innocent, bringing about a sense of purity to its surroundings.


  • light
  • peaceful
  • cleanliness
  • openness

If openness and refreshment stick out to you, perhaps you should add more white into your surroundings. Paint your walls white, purchase a white desk, or wear a flowy white dress to your afternoon lunch! 


The color of royalty. Inspires spirituality and connectedness. People also find that they are happier when they interact with purple. 

  • royalty
  • spirituality
  • happy and energetic
  • ambition and creativity

Purple is known to bring about creativity and ambition. We can all use a little more positivity and motivation!


Orange is a mood-boosting color, similar to yellow in its energy. Instantly add more brightness and fun to your surroundings.

  • mood-boosting
  • cheerful and positive
  • sunny
  • bright

Do you gravitate towards the sunshine? Perhaps orange is a color you should explore!


Freshness. Ground yourself and bring yourself back to nature through any green hue. Also calming and serene in its attributes.

  • fresh
  • grounding
  • easy-going
  • nature

Consider incorporating a house plant to your space for a fresher feel to the environment!


We hope this information was as helpful and fun for you as it was for us.

Choosing who and what we surround ourselves with will enhance our lives and attract more positivity. Pair these colors with your favorite music, positive affirmations, and favorite scents to create a perfect environment to thrive. You may even choose a pair of our socks with sayings in one of the colors that inspires you! 

Let us know what you thought about this article! We would love to hear from you.

Talk soon!

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