holiday socks

Holiday Socks

With the wide array of notes to self® athletic socks and socks with sayings, you can rest assured that we’ve got your favorite positive affirmation socks style! Choosing the proper style and fit of running socks is important to your performance and recovery. Whether you enjoy running, walking, biking, competitive sports, or leisure sports activities, we’ve got your feet and your inspiration covered.

Valentine's Day socks

Love is in the air...and on the feet! Show your love with our Valentine’s Day holiday sock collection! Whether you are in love, showing love, or loving yourself, we’ve got just the socks to keep your toes and heart warm.

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St. Patrick's Day socks

Feeling lucky? Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day. Don your lucky socks and attract your luck today and every day!

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Easter socks

The Easter Bunny has arrived! Add socks with sayings to your kiddo's basket to nurture confidence building or give our Easter-egg-of-socks to your favorite people with the perfect affirmation. Our holiday socks are a wonderful and simple way to recognize the amazing people in your life, even after the special day has passed!

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Teacher Appreciation
Week socks

Wondering what gift to get the teachers and coaches in your life? Give them the gift of affirmations and show them how much positive change they inspire each and every day with our Teacher Appreciation holiday socks.

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Mother's Day socks

Our Mother’s Day sock collection is incredibly diverse to make sure each and every mom has the most perfect gift. Choose from loving words, endearing sayings, or a whole box of socks! Show Mom just how much you care with the perfect comfort gift.

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International Nurses Day Socks

Celebrate the nurses you know this International Nurses Day with positive affirmation socks to remind them how important they are to the community. Our holiday socks will be worn and read again and again and appreciated every day.

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Graduation socks

Though it is not technically a holiday, graduation day is one of the most important days in someone’s life. Celebrate your grad by gifting them inspirational socks that give them positive energy, motivation, and belief in their future.

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Father's Day socks

We all know how much dads love their socks, which makes our holiday socks excellent gifts for them. Get your father his favorite style - whether he prefers crew, low-cut ankle socks, or dress socks - with the perfect saying to celebrate your great dad on Father’s Day.

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Grandparents Day socks

Grandparents are such an incredible gift! Honor these wonderful people in your life with a meaningful holiday gift of socks with sayings and other positive affirmation products that fit their style, personality, and even their nickname!

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Thanksgiving socks

Thanksgiving is a great reminder to practice gratitude. Show someone how thankful you are for them this holiday season with our collection of “thankful for you” holiday socks. And our ‘I am thankful’ socks make a great gift for Thanksgiving guests.

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Hanukkah socks

Celebrate together with our holiday socks, which make a thoughtful gift for Hanukkah! Giving affirmation, confidence, and recognition socks to your friends and family around this holiday season reaffirms the joy and warmth of this holiday.

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Christmas socks

Our holiday socks have arrived! It’s the most wonderful time of the year to give the people you love an amazing gift. Socks with sayings and our other affirmation products are an exceptional way to celebrate joy this holiday season.

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