Laura Schmidt, founder of notes to self socks, announces QVC debut

Prairie Village, KS, February 20, 2023 一 Laura Schmidt and her team are excited to announce notes to self’s upcoming live debut on QVC Channel and on Wednesday, February 22nd at 10 am CST/11 am EST. 

UPDATE: Here is the link to the show in case you missed it:

Celebrating 12 years of business this summer, notes to self socks, is a women-owned, made in the USA brand based in Prairie Village, Kansas. Since its creation in 2011, notes to self has grown exponentially and through that growth, has donated over 120,000 pairs of socks to homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and children in great need. Empowering people, especially those experiencing doubt or challenging times, with positive self-talk is at the core of notes to self’s mission, so Schmidt is thrilled to announce that the positive messages found on notes to self socks will have the opportunity to be shared with more people during and after the live broadcast. 

Customers will tell you that these are the best socks they’ve ever worn, but the words are what make all the difference. Schmidt had the idea for her positive affirmation socks while on a road trip with her feet propped up on the dash. One of her favorite topics is positive affirmations, which she learned were most impactful to the subconscious mind early in the morning and late at night, and she decided then that she was going to put affirmations on the toes (and bottoms) of socks to encourage others. 

In the summer of 2011, the first prototypes were produced. Today, notes to self socks can be found online and in stores across the country! With hundreds of affirmations like ‘I am brave’ as well as gift sets, a baby collection, and other inspirational products, notes to self has become a staple brand for gift-givers and anyone looking for an extra boost of positivity and encouragement.

Schmidt will tell you that the most meaningful part of her work is hearing stories about the brand’s impact. She receives almost daily communications from those who give, wear and love the socks, many of which bring tears to her eyes. Customers share stories about how notes to self socks have helped them through their battles with cancer or reminded them of how wonderful and loved they are. Every time the wearer sees the positive words on their socks, they’re reminded of how the person who gave them the gift believes in them. Schmidt is excited to personally present notes to self socks on QVC.

Schmidt and her team invite you to tune in to the live broadcast Wednesday, February 22nd, at 10am CST /11am EST on QVC Channel or


  • Lucy DelSarto

    You and your products inspire and empower so many! Your success is well deserved my friend!

  • Susan Parmeland

    Love the socks , I have ordered three different time as gifts after

    I was gifted a pair 😊

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