Nature's Connection to Your Inner Peace and Happiness

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Did you know that only 20 minutes in nature every day yields tremendous mental and physical benefits for your health?

In a study of 20,000 individuals taken from the University of Exeter, research found that those who spent at least 2 hours a week (or 20 minutes a day) in nature reported good health and well-being. Those who did not reach this threshold, however, did not reap the same benefits.

Connecting with nature is an extension of connecting with our own selves. It greatly impacts our emotions, peace, and happiness.

Here's how!

Nature Improves Our Physical Health

When you hear the phrase, "Get some fresh air," there truly is a reason behind it.

There are many benefits to being outside, one of them being that the air is cleaner. Staying indoors can expose us to pollutants, increasing symptoms of sickness in our bodies.

Another benefit of being outdoors is that it exposes us to Vitamin D. Vitamin D not only affects our mood but it also reduces the risk of heart disease and catching the flu. All good things for our bodies!

As we have mentioned in earlier posts, taking care of our physical bodies contributes to greater mental health and happiness.

So go outside if you can. Your mind and body will thank you! Find a pair of fun  athletic socks for the occasion.

Nature Improves our Mental Health

It is no surprise that nature brings great healing to our minds and emotions. Nature is a great mood regulator. It is also a great place to escape. A little peace and quiet can go a long way for one’s mind and overall outlook. 

Going camping, being outdoors, fishing, walking, or participating in outdoor activities are all examples in which one can find quietness and tranquility.

Consider adding routine times for being outdoors to your weekly schedule. You'll be glad that you did!

Nature Relieves Stress & Negative Emotions

We all experience stress, but it is what we do with it that determines our peace and happiness.

Being out in nature has proven to reduce stress by 4%. Being indoors or even in our thoughts for too long can have a negative effect on our well-being as it only recirculates what we are currently experiencing.

Next time you have a stressful day at work, step outside for a moment. Feel the immediate change in your mood, mindset, and overall energy!

Climbing out of a negative thought cycle and negative emotional state can be challenging. Our positive affirmation socks are perfect for getting you out of these negative zones and into the right frame of mind.

In Conclusion

There are so many benefits of spending time outdoors. Enjoying nature while wearing our positive affirmation socks is even better!

How can you incorporate nature into your daily/weekly life?

Let us know in the comments.

Talk soon!

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