Combating Negative Thoughts with Positive Affirmations

Negativity can easily creep into your mind and stay there for a long time and before you realize it, it can take over. We all have negative thoughts, and we are certainly entitled to having them, but only in small doses. Consistent negativity can cause a multitude of issues in any aspect of your life. Work, relationships, self-esteem, and even physical problems can arise from constant pessimism. Turning negative thoughts into positive ones takes some work, but you’ll be grateful that you did!

Positive affirmations are scientifically proven to boost outlook, creativity, confidence, and motivation. Activate the reward centers in the brain with positive self-talk and immediately start weakening those negative urges.

Where to Start

You can start becoming a more positive person by bringing awareness to your negative thinking. Your journey has begun! 

How to Start

Schedule time each day for positive change. First thing in the morning and right before bed are the best times. Whether you are practicing positive self-talk, affirmation journaling, or reframing your thoughts, these times are when the subconscious mind is most open and the perfect time to introduce positivity into your life.

Positive Affirmation Strategies

We created our positive affirmation socks so you can carry a clear message with you all day and a happy reminder every time you take your shoes off. Having affirmations on the toes of your socks where you can see those at least twice a day is a wonderful way to help build daily affirmations as a habit!             

A really great tool to start overcoming negative thinking is to begin an affirmation journal. Journaling is wonderful for letting out negative thoughts and giving them their space, but also an incredibly powerful way to increase positive thinking by writing down your daily affirmations. Writing down your thoughts gives you more control over them and a chance to change them before they can fester. Take any negative thought or question and turn it into a positive statement. Say it, write it, repeat it. We suggest saying your affirmations out loud at least twice a day and writing them down at least once daily.

Start Your Affirmation Journal Today

Improving your mental health and introducing self-care activities into your routine can take only a few minutes each day and be life-changing! It takes time to create a strong habit, and it might feel awkward at first to say or write self-affirmations, but consistency breeds confidence and progress. A deep breath, a positive affirmation and a really cool pair of socks will help kick those negative thoughts and brighten your day, each and every day.

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