VIDEO: Laura and her mom


  • Denise Pullen

    What a great video. What a blessing to be able to continue to share your business and dreams with your Mom. I see where you get your calmness. ❤️

  • Gloria

    Two of the kindness women I know. I love you both. ❤❤❤

  • Sandy Cannon

    Absolutely heartwarming video. Two beautiful people and I am so very blessed to know them and be their neighbors for years!! Kindness is the theme for each and every day. Try it and pass it on. Blessings will pour out of the sky and shower you each day. Thanks girls for the video, I watch it often.

  • Beth

    I love you both. You are amazing!

  • Michelle Scherzer Jennings

    This is very nice! Your mother is a wonderful person & I’m not surprised that she was your inspiration. Notes to Self is a fun creation with great purpose!

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