Big News: The Sheri + Nancy Show podcast features our notes to self® socks

So honored by the kind words and this wonderful testimonial and endorsement of our notes to self® socks from Sheri Salada and Nancy Hala on their popular The Sheri + Nancy Show podcast. Here is the link to the episode:  

Sheri and Nancy are life-long sister friends of 29 years, podcast hosts, and Chief Visionaries of The Pillar Life. Between them, they’ve had one of the most high-powered careers in television (Sheri); married, divorced and raised two children while working with Fortune 500 companies (Nancy).  Each took a different path that led to the same life-changing moment — a chardonnay-inspired dreamstorming session where they decided to join forces to elevate their lives and consciously create more happiness, success and abundance.

I met Sheri and Nancy at their amazing ‘This is Fifty’ DreamTribe retreat in August 2018 in California. They believe what we believe about so many things, including how 'words make all the difference'® They loved our socks and the positive messages, so it was only natural that we worked together to create these special socks with their branding and messages: super-branded notes to self® socks for their DreamTribe! Thank you Sheri and Nancy! Your words make all the difference! - Laura

Here's a video of The Pillar Life theme song from that awesome weekend: 

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