A letter from Steve - gifts for the entire family


  • Yvette

    I teach all day in my stocking feet. I’m grateful to find socks that are so cute on the BOTTOM!! Lots of kiddos and parents are looking at the bottoms of my feet all day long! No hidden message for me! (Though I do like that about your socks in general.)
    I’m looking for socks that say:
    Make Music
    Can you tell I’m a music teacher!!
    Thanks for considering…
    In Asheville NC

  • Janet Ritz

    Our family is delighted with Notes to Self Socks and your additional products.
    My granddaughters are confident when they wear their “I am smart” socks when they take a test.
    The “I am a blessing” socks, bib and cap makes a wonderful baby shower gift.
    They are uniquely “smile maker” gifts.

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