Our notes to self® story - how 'words make all the difference'™

Our notes to self® story - Positive affirmations are phrases that we say to ourselves to build confidence and train our minds. They work on the subconscious, which is most receptive early in the morning and late at night. At those times, notes to self® socks – and our other positive affirmation products - are there, improving your thoughts, your actions, and your performance…assisting you in creating the life of your dreams! 'Words make all the difference'™


  • Linda Cosgrove

    Hi Laura, wonderful video. You are an inspiration. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your idea and products. Your socks are my ‘go to’ for just about all occasions. You go girl!

  • Karen Cotton

    I bought these socks for Christmas gifts!!! Love them!

  • Mary Ann

    Laura…so proud of you! Just the other day at yoga someone asked me about my socks. I was very happy to tell them where they could get them and that I happened to know you. Congratulations on all your success.

  • Kim

    I bought my kids and grandkids. They loved them.

  • Mary

    Fantastic idea,congratulations on your success! All Christmas presents will be from here this year! Thank you!

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