do your laundry or you'll die alone book, sock, laundry bag set for graduates
do your laundry or you'll die alone book, sock, laundry bag set for graduates

Laundry Bundle of Love - 'Do Your Laundry Or You'll Die Alone' book & socks gift set

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Give her what the busy young woman sometimes forgets she needs: affirming words and fluffy clean socks.

Say “you did it!” with two pairs of notes to self® socks bundled in a perfect-sized laundry bag with the best-selling graduation classic, Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone - full of warm, witty advice that feels like a hug from mom. 

Set Includes:

  • 'Do Your Laundry Or You'll Die Alone - Advice your mom would give if she thought you were listening' book - hard copy version - by Becky Blades 
  • 'I am destined - greatness' - white socks with orange words
  • 'I am beautiful' - white socks with pink words
  • notes to self® laundry bag

This makes a GREAT gift for a graduate! The book is our FAVORITE go-to gift book! There is a section at the end for your own advice or best wishes for the recipient!

The words on these notes to self® socks are encouraging and supportive, and will be a reminder that you believe in them! 

The laundry bag helps organize and wash and dry notes to self® positive affirmation socks or other items. It features a zipper opening, and a loop to hang on a hook or doorknob. Great for bedrooms or dorm rooms! 15" x 11.5". Made in USA! 

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