The story behind our notes to self® gift boxes

Watch Laura Schmidt, our founder, share the story of our keepsake gift boxes and inspiration for preserving the meaningful words we share.


  • Barbara A. Nichols

    Hi Laura! Loved the video and the thought behind the design and development of the gift boxes. Thank you for making the socks an even more meaningful gift to others!

  • Robbie Roozen

    I’m so pumped to share your company and vision for making people smile each time they wear your socks. Life is made up of moments and you just never know if someone has a moment made brighter by you! Plus, your generosity is beyond measure:))

  • Kathy Stimac

    I was wondering if you could do Great Doctor socks in a different color besides gray.
    I have a female doctor and would like to purchase some in either white or pink — something a little more feminine.

  • Deb Guy

    LOVE this video!!! Thank you for sharing. I’m going to order socks and switch my saved notes into a new more meaningful keepsake! Deb

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