Sharing with students in need for back-to-school

It was an honor to share our #notestoselfsocks with Cindy and Nancy from The Olathe Public Schools Foundation. These socks and the positive messages will be gifted to some of the most vulnerable students in our area when they return to school. We hope that these students realize how awesome they are and how bright their future is. #wordsmakeallthedifference

Below is a letter that we received the next day from Cindy:

Dear Laura and team,

I made the decision to store the boxes in my office, so that I could keep track and develop the plan to distribute the socks in an organized manner. The trouble is…they are a total distraction!

Every time I get up from my desk…I open another box and look through the sayings and I get SO excited about kids getting to pick out the words that mean the most to them.  This gift will go SO far in helping us reach our most vulnerable students. 

I am STRONG…for the kid who doesn’t believe he has the strength to go through another day of homelessness.

I am BRAVE…the kid who finally seeks help to deal with the doubts that linger every day.

I am KIND…for that kid who sees that no matter how rough her life is…someone else still needs her compassion.

I am OPTIMISTIC…for that kid who is continually beaten down by parents who pick at everything.

I have HOPE…for that kid who struggles to believe that he will someday have a bed to call his own.

I am SMILING…for that kids who grins ear to ear, no matter how tough things are at home.

I am CONFIDENT…for that kid who has the capacity to be a great learning, but doubts her ability.

I am DESTINED for GREATNESS…for every kid who believes that there is something wonderful beyond their current circumstances.

I am AWESOME!  I have FAITH!  I am CRUSHING IT!  I am a STAR!  I am JOYFUL!

My person favorite:  I am PERFECTLY ME!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cindy VonFeldt

Executive Director

Olathe Public Schools Foundation

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  • Lucy DelSarto

    What a WONDERFUL story!

    The SOCKS make a great impression on all who see them and wear them. I’ve absolutely no doubt these will be the favorite in the kids sock drawer. Thanks for empowering everyone with these positive affirmations!

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