notes to self socks company story


  • Eartha

    Beautiful, such a huge impact on the minds and hearts of everyone who purchase and wears your socks. We need more positive encouragement, love and motivation, and what an awesome way to remind ourselves. Wishing you and your family all the best and keep smiling…and paying it forward to those in need.

  • Christine

    I’m so psyched to have found this site and to discover more about your fabulous U.S. company! ❤️

  • P

    I so believe in this idea, process and company. Thank You for spreading the words!

  • Kris Murphy

    I love this story. I love the socks.

  • Lori Hoos

    What an awesome idea!!! May God bless your efforts to spread such positivity to all! I know where I will be doing my Christmas shopping 🛍!

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