Glow Up đź’ś same pose, new sock, different year

2013 ➡ 2021 


A little bit of backstory to this sock "glow up" -- my whole life, I've sought out leadership roles where I felt I could make a difference; whether it be as a class officer, through clubs and organizations, or managerial roles at work I loved working hard and seeing the impact. 

I’ve always put my nose to the grindstone, doing what I knew how to do best: work! My nature would lead me to stay in my office all day, grinding on the daily tasks that keep the company running and help it grow, but over the years, I've tried more and more to attend events, accept speaking engagements, and say yes to new opportunities that help me build the business by stepping away from the business. Not to mention, to have a little fun! 

Everyone is working on their confidence in their own way, and one way I recently stepped out of my comfort zone was doing a photoshoot with my wonderful friend and famous photographer Lesley Bohm!

I love looking at these two photos, 8 years apart, which remind me that building confidence is a daily activity (and one that never ends)! It's a little uncomfortable for me to share these "glamour shots" (as my family calls them), but they remind me of an important lesson: there will always be new goals, challenges, and opportunities to practice bravery and build confidence, but more and more, my intention is to enjoy the ride đźš™!


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