In times of transition (an emotional mom post) 💜 (Dallas, August 2021)

Wrapping up the event we participated in last week in Dallas is bittersweet.

This is the last trade show my daughter Elaine and I will do together for a while because, in less than a month, she will be headed to France (to teach English for seven months with TAPIF USA).


Times of transition are never easy. Whether it be switching jobs, moving cities, or getting used to a new way of life, there’s always pain and friction in the transition. But often there’s also the possibility for new and exciting things and these times can be an opportunity to reflect and practice gratitude for what we have and have had. 

Back in 2014, when Elaine was a freshman in college, she encouraged and convinced me to exhibit at our first trade show. Her support was a big reason why I had the confidence to participate in that show, and her “dog on a bone” work ethic helped us get up and running by figuring out how to get registered, creating a booth, and recruiting two of her friends to work the show with us.

That first show was a complete adventure, and we had a blast navigating the new opportunity.


Since then, we’ve exhibited at over 40 trade shows, and Elaine has been part of our team for most of them. It is so special that she’s been on this journey with us, and we’ve been lucky to benefit from her being a natural salesperson/people-person who draws people in like a magnet at these booths!


But the most meaningful part of these trips has been the mother-daughter time together. 💜 As I look back at all the years of late night chats, very early mornings, endless cups of coffee, selfies, and all the wonderful people we’ve met, I’m so grateful that we’ve been on this journey together.

Gratitude for this time helps me feel appreciation for this transition because I now have a reason to reflect on and savor the memories from the past 7 years of trade shows with Elaine.  My hope for all those going through a time of transition is to accept whatever you’re feeling in its fullness, whether excitement, sadness, or both. 

I’ve shed a few (mostly happy) tears, as this chapter comes to a close next month, and Elaine’s new adventure begins. I know that her future’s so bright, and I am honored to be her mom.

But I’m really going to miss her. 

-Laura / mom


  • Trish Arnold

    You got this, mom! She is amazing just like her mama!!

  • Garret Schmidt

    Beautiful story! Well told. I’ll miss her too!

  • Mary Jo Coughlin

    Having just heard this big news and said my own goodbyes to Elaine yesterday, I can only imagine how much you will miss her (and I know that goes both ways!). What a great opportunity to Elaine!
    I know she has been a big help, but NTS is you Laura! You are the driving spirit and the best promoter of this concept. You are “awesome”and “perfectly you”! All will be well.

  • Jane

    Congrats to Elaine…what an adventure of a lifetime! Hang in there Laura, you and your sidekick will be fine! ;0)

  • Shelley Bettger

    Love this tribute to your Mom/ daughter relationship! ( and made me happy cry too). It’s what every daughter probably hopes for ( healthy love from Mom) and what most Moms want- ( “my daughter is amazing and full of love “ feeling).
    Way to go and grow Team Note to Self!
    Thank for sharing your journey, and thank you for your awesome socks!
    New sock ideas:
    Mom you rock! 🥰‼️❤️
    Best daughter ever!🥰‼️‼️

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