Abby and notes to self® socks and an inspiring tattoo

Thank you Abby for sharing your story with us about how the words on notes to self socks® have inspired you!


  • Cara Fraser

    Thank you for these socks, I first bought a pair for myself “cat Lover” and then I was hooked. They are so comfy & fit perfectly. I buy them for myself & for every one I know for all occasions or just because to let them know I am thinking of them. I even keep a list so I don’t buy the same pair twice for my friends.
    Thank you for creating these inspirational socks.

  • Margaret Mather

    That’s sweet, and inspiring.
    LOVE your socks and have given them as gifts more times than I can count.
    For future emails, be sure to use spell check. Tattoo; not tatoo.

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