a story that brought tears to our eyes đź’ś

"When I was pregnant with our first child, after the 20 week anatomy scan we got the scariest news of our lives. We were told that something didn’t look right on the scan with my placenta and that they thought I had Amniotic band syndrome, where the best outcome is that they would have to amputate fingers and toes, possibly amputate limbs or in severe cases the worse can happen.
We were told that there is possible surgery while the baby is still in my belly. We got an appointment with a specialist but had to wait a week for our appointment. It was the longest seven days of our lives, not knowing how severe our case could be and if our baby was okay.
During those seven days we were trying to stay as positive and as strong as we could but as you can imagine I was a mess. My husband got out all of our positive Notes to Self socks and most days I couldn't even decide which pair to wear because I wanted to have all of them on at once, I needed all the positivity.
So I started to wear mismatching pairs... this photo was taken before our appointment with the specialist who told us that everything looked perfect with the baby and that I did not have Amniotic Band Syndrome, but something different, a lot less severe.
A few months later I delivered a healthy baby girl at full term - wearing my 'I am strong' socks!
I can’t thank you enough for these positive affirmation socks! They were helping us stay positive and strong when it felt like our whole world was collapsing. Thank you ❤️" - Noemi 

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