A Personal Story - Stole of Gratitude

A personal story about how #wordsmakeallthedifference - After our daughter's college graduation last weekend, positive words brought me to happy tears. Elaine shared with us that students can wear a blue 'stole of gratitude' during graduation, which a student may later present to someone who has made a difference in their life. Elaine then presented it to me and shared why she was giving it to me. I was so honored and impacted by her kind words. I think about the importance of words daily, and Elaine’s words meant the world to me! Thank you, Elaine for reminding me that ‘words make all the difference’! - Laura

positive words at graduation were a gift


  • Barbara Nichols

    How beautiful. Congratulations on your graduation Elaine!

  • Margie Adler

    Thanks for sharing your story. I truly understand how meaningful and loving your daughter’s gift of gratitude was for you. And for her, too.

    Word really do matter. You do not just make, market and sell socks. You sell the connection that I can make with my granddaughters to tell them in another fun way how “Awesome” they are and how important it is for them to have the courage to be themselves. You help me tell my daughter and son-in-law in another, neat way that I am proud of them and grateful for them because she is a “Great Mom” and he is a “Great Dad.” You have helped me to reach out to dear friends when they have had to face surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I’ve been able to be with them in spirit and help them feel cozy and comfortable with you wonderful socks that remind them in a time of great need that they are “Strong.”

    With gratitude,
    Margie Adler

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