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February 29, 2012 Contact: Susan McCabe
KANSAS CITY – Mom always said "hold your head high." Now there‟s a reason to look down – all the way to your feet! That‟s because a new line of inspirational socks by Kansas City-based company notes to self, llc is sending positive vibes to both the person wearing the socks and those who may catch a glimpse of the message emblazoned on the bottom of the sole and tops of the toes.
Thanks to the passion of notes to self™ Founder Laura Schmidt, the complete line of high quality socks caters exclusively to positive thinking. Schmidt knows such positive affirmations can make a huge difference in a person‟s thoughts, effort and success.
“I think the socks are especially important for our kids, training their minds to think positively,” Schmidt says. “Too often, we‟re telling them what they‟re doing wrong, or what not to do. We forget to teach them how to focus on what they want, the importance of a positive attitude and how it really makes a difference.”
After researching studies on the power of positive thinking and serving as a spectator to many of her children‟s athletic events, Schmidt was convinced society could do more to send uplifting guidance to our youth. Her prototype notes to self™ sock, which read, “I am confident,” debuted at her daughter‟s volleyball practice and immediately caught the attention of students and parents alike.

notes to self™ socks, manufactured in the U.S., sport an array of positive affirmations, like “I am perfectly me,” “I am smart,” “I am awesome” and more. The low-cut socks are made from comfortable cotton. The athletic crew socks are made from high-quality, moisture-wicking polyester. Schmidt selected these superior blends to provide soft comfort and performance. The sock designs also have a breathable mesh top and arch support. In each case, the positive messages are woven into the socks during knitting to provide long-term exposure.
Today, the socks are as hot as ever among students, church youth, dance teams, sports teams and adults, especially for gift-giving. Yet, Schmidt‟s original goal has always been to get the socks on the feet of those who aren‟t routinely guided by coaches, such as at-risk and poverty-stricken youth, or the young and old who are battling serious illness and rely on positive thinking. As such, Schmidt has donated hundreds of notes to self™ socks to non-profit organizations like Covenant House in New York, Blair‟s Foster Socks and The Rose Brooks Center, both in Kansas City, and other charitable events.
“These are the people who need it most,” says Schmidt. “We know how positive words can affect an athlete on the court or on the field. But not all our youth have that same opportunity or privilege. I want every young person to know that they are smart and that Napoleon Hill's quote „whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,‟ is really true.”
Schmidt‟s notes to self™ socks are available in retail locations throughout parts of the U.S.* and available to order online at The socks have also become popular fundraising tools for various organizations that are looking for long-lasting, high-quality products to represent their teams.
“Just think about all the power that can be unleashed in people who are thinking positively,” Schmidt says. “I hope that these socks can play a part in improving people's lives.”
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*notes to self™ socks are available at the following locations:
Naomi's Hallmark at 63rd and Quivira, Shawnee
Hallmark Creations at 119th and Metcalf, Overland Park
Hallmark in Independence Center
Village Active in the Prairie Village Shopping Center
Online at
Forever Young, Lee's Summit
The Mommy Shop, Overland Park
Junque Drawer, Olathe
Payton's Closet, Liberty
Children‟s Mercy Hospital Gift Shop, Kansas City
KU Med Center Gift Shop, Kansas City, Kan.
HOA Volleyball Complex, Kansas City, Kan.
Katy's Hallmark, Nashville
Coach House Hallmark, Valley West Mall, Des Moines

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