The Mental Health Benefits of Staying Active

person walking

The correlation between physical activity and mental health is sometimes overlooked. Have you ever noticed how a brisk walk can immediately lift your mood? Or that after regular physical activity, your energy levels & productivity increase as a byproduct? The physical activity we do with our bodies is about so much more than becoming fit. It is an integral part of the mind-body relationship.

Physical activity can be challenging at first, but the energy and positivity that exercise brings is worth the effort.

What are the mental health benefits of staying active?

  • You can prevent long-term illnesses and other diseases, like heart disease.
  • Your mood is lifted and overall better.
  • You have more energy to take on the day.
  • You release endorphins when you exercise, which interact with receptors in your brain, reducing the presence of pain.
  • Your brain is less foggy, which results in clearer thinking.
  • You have less fatigue, which helps you to be more present and engaged in your day.
  • You become stronger and more fit and feel better about yourself.

How do I start my physical activity journey?

Start small. Get into the habit of regular physical activity. Once it becomes a habit, you will crave more physical activity.

You can do this by walking 30 minutes a day, getting a gym membership and showing up 4-5 times a week, or however you choose to get your regular exercise. More examples of how to do this are given below.

The aim is to simply start. Once you start, you can build upon the foundation that you have started.

What are different ways of staying active?

Walking - Take regular walks around your neighborhood. Or, find nature trails to add a little flair to the walk.

Fast-paced walking - Get your heart rate up with faster-paced walking! There are so many health benefits from this approach.

Jogging/running - with the right shoes and a steady routine, running can be a wonderful option for you!

Bike riding - Get exercise in with fun scenery on a bike ride!

Strength training - build muscle with some weight training.

Yoga - Yoga is a relaxing, yet challenging, form of exercise. Many benefit from yoga practices and if you want to know where to start, you can find online videos or a local yoga studio to take classes.

Pilates - Full-body exercising that increases flexibility.

Pickleball - One of the fastest-growing sports for people of all ages! 

Gym - you can find an affordable gym membership that will often have trainers available to help if you need assistance or training on equipment. Take fitness classes or find a group to workout with.

The opportunities are endless. Physical activity can be fun. We like to make it a positive experience with positive thinking. To give you an extra boost as you begin this physically active journey, take advantage of the multiple athletic sock products we have! So many options including low cut, athletic crew, and more.

Each one has positive affirmations on the toes and bottoms to be sure to keep you motivated as you exercise.

Be good to your body. Be good to your mind. And stay active!

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