Self-Love is Not Selfish

girl making a heart with her hands

“Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love” - Brene`Brown

Setting boundaries to focus on ourselves and becoming the person we’d like to be is not selfish. In actuality, it is the highest form of respect. Becoming a better version of ourself impacts us and  those around us. Once we begin to love and respect ourselves, we will emulate love and respect for the people in our community.

What is Self-Love?

Healthy relationships are built on love, honesty and effort, and this is no different than the relationship we have with ourself. The thoughts we think, the boundaries we set, and the words we say to ourselves are all forms of self-love. Understanding what replenishes and invigorates our soul and then utilizing those things to ground us will improve our quality of life and help us to build positive relationships.

We’ve been taught from a young age to be kind to others, take care of others, and treat others like you’d want them to treat you. Very few of us were told to treat ourselves like we’d like to be treated! It’s time to start! How can we expect others to treat us well if we do not treat ourselves well? Healthy relationships start right now - with ourselves. 

Caring For Yourself Improves Relationships With Others

What happens when we do not take care of ourselves? We cannot take care of others! Burn-out, restlessness, stress, and anxiety are all consequences of not being gentle to our mind and body. Overworking and lack of rest may cause us to become ill and force us to take a break. Wouldn’t we have rather rewarded ourself time for rest and recovery than have it be forced upon us?

When we take great care of ourself, our presence becomes light and spreads to the people we spend our time with. Practicing self-love and being happy and confident in who we are, are wonderful, invaluable gifts to give ourself.

How to Practice Self-Love

It takes a lot of courage to love ourself. Be intentional. Schedule time each day to do something you love, to rest your mind and body, to commit an act of kindness, to reward yourself, and to affirm. Taking time to do these things is not selfish. It is essential. 

Make time to:

Move your Body. Whether you like a nice walk outdoors, yoga, or a gym routine, do it! You will feel amazing for hours afterward.

Meditate. Meditation can be practiced in many different ways; selecta quiet place where you can find peace. Meditation is known to encourage mental and physical health.

Rest. Get plenty of sleep, get off your feet, and let your mind wander. Rest increases creativity and mindfulness.

Read. Reading allows an escape from your daily tasks and improves focus, empathy, and communication.

Journal. Journaling has been shown to decrease negative thoughts and emotions and ward off anxiety and depression.

Practice positive affirmations. Using daily affirmations and speaking them out loud can boost your confidence and positivity immensely.

Commit an act of kindness. A random act of kindness is an instant mood booster, and knowing that you’ve made the world a little better in that moment can give you a brighter outlook on life.

Spend time outdoors. Exposure to sunlight and nature increases creativity and mood, increases positive thinking and releases stress. Walking barefoot on grass, dirt or sand and touching plants and flowers can help ground you and guide you back to the present.

Find gratitude. Expressing gratitude, whether to someone out loud or on paper, reinforces optimism and encourages deeper happiness.

Just be. Whatever relaxing means to you, do it more. Take a hot bath with candles and quiet music. Lay on a blanket in the yard and watch the clouds roll by. Let your mind wander. Daydreaming is your brain’s way of enhancing creativity.

Self-love helps us to be more aware of the positive things in life and supports us as we move through the challenges of life. At notes to self® we believe in exercising self-love from the moment you wake to the moment you close your eyes with our positive affirmation socks. You are awesome!

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