Positivity: The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Everyone

Energy can be contagious. Being present and actively practicing positivity will cause your energy to expand and could happily infect those around you. Spreading positivity can be a very simple, everyday practice, and we’ve got everything you need to get started today!

Smile As Much as You Can

There is a lot of science behind a smile and what a simple way to begin spreading joy! Smiling is a wonderful way to start your day, improve someone else’s day and boost the energy around you. There is a reason smiling is a core teaching in yoga, positive affirmations, journaling and meditation. This uncomplicated act can impact your subconscious mind, almost immediately improving your outlook.

Give Compliments

Each time you notice something that catches your eye about someone, tell them! There is nothing more pure than reaching out to let someone know that you noticed something wonderful about them.

Whether it is a great hair day, they have beautiful eyes, or you love their style, you could turn their whole day around. 

Be Helpful

Day to day commitments can weigh anyone down. If you notice someone is having a hard time with something, step in and give a helping hand. Holding a door open, offering to help someone load their groceries, picking up something someone dropped for them are all small things we can do to spread positivity.

Acts of Random Kindness

Have you ever paid for someone’s coffee while in line at your local coffee shop? Or maybe someone’s food in the drive-thru behind you? What a rush! Random acts of kindness are not only beneficial to the recipient but to the giver as well. Giving spontaneously to strangers or friends keeps your heart happy and can inspire others to do the same.

Well Wishes and Celebrations

Do you know someone who has just had something amazing happen to them? Maybe they received a promotion, purchased a home, or received their degree? Send your congratulations! We win when the people we love win and we should celebrate each and every one of them. 


Gifting is fun for everyone involved and not just on holidays! Sending a card with a lovely note and a gift card for coffee or a book will brighten their day and let them know you are thinking of them!

Other times gifting is a good idea is when someone may need assistance during a hard time. When someone is ill or down on themselves, a quick affirmation of love or strength can be a light in their darkness. Sock gifts can be a fun and easy way to spread a little cheer!


Words of encouragement can go much further than we’ll ever know. We are all susceptible to self-doubt and many people are good at concealing their insecurities. Even if they seem on top of the world, an extra word of encouragement could mean so much to them. 

Practice Gratitude and Appreciation 

Saying “thank you” is such a small but mighty gesture that some people do not hear enough. Reflect on what you have and what the people around you have done for you. Then, sincerely express your appreciation. Making the people around you feel loved and appreciated only strengthens your bond with them.

Check ins

How long does it take to send a text, write and mail a note, or make a quick phone call? No time at all! Letting loved ones know that you are thinking of them reminds them that they are loved and important to you. Check in with your people often and send a little positivity their way.

Spreading kindness is free and fun! These small actions can have a very tremendous effect on anyone who comes in contact with you. Kindness, as we’ve mentioned, can come in all shapes and sizes and delivers a powerful gift; positivity. 

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