Introducing Deep Breathing into Your Daily Affirmations

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When one is beginning the practice of daily affirmations, they can often be met with a million racing thoughts running through their head, leaving the individual unable to focus on the task at hand. In these cases, we recommend deep breathing. Deep breathing allows one to relax, realign & get back into the right frame of mind.

Therapists and psychologists often suggest breathing techniques in their offices because of the calming benefits it brings to one’s mind and body. If you find yourself stressed, filled with racing thoughts, or unable to focus, try deep breathing. 

You will surely be glad you did!

How does deep breathing work?

One of the biggest hurdles to living a meaningful life is not being able to be present in the moment. Deep breathing calls us back to the moment. It slows us down, taps us into our senses, and reorients our minds, bringing in a rapid sense of clarity that we didn't have before.

This is why breathing and meditation are highly valued in many circles. Never underestimate the power of the breathwork.

Types of Deep Breathing Techniques

There are several breathing techniques and many resources available online to help you accomplish them. Here are a few examples we have found:


The 4-7-8 breathing technique goes as follows:

Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. 

You are always more than welcome to adjust how long the count is. Remember, the goal is to bring you back to equilibrium. Only you know what this needs to look like.

Count to 10

This technique is also simple and easy to follow:

Inhale one count, exhale one count, then the number 1. 

You will repeat this until you get to 10. If your mind wanders, start over. This will bring you back to your breath.

Guided Breathing Meditations 

You can go on just about every search engine online and find meditations. Some meditations you will find focus solely on breath counts, and others will add in visualizations. 

Visualizations could be beneficial to you if you are wanting a deeper practice, to visualize what it is you are searching for in your positive affirmation exercise.

This can look like visually seeing negativity leave your body and positive words entering your mind. Or, it can be a guided meditation that has you visualize a particular destination or scenario.

Choosing to use visualizations can help you better envision what it is you are hoping to achieve, thus creating a better daily affirmation experience for yourself.

Positive Affirmations

The whole purpose of introducing deep breathing to you is to help you focus on your affirmations exercise. This last deep breathing exercise incorporates both the breathing and the affirmations exercises together.

The technique goes as follows.

Inhale, exhale, affirmation. Then, repeat until you go through all of your affirmations.

Perhaps having the affirmations written in front of you as you go through this practice will also be beneficial, further sealing them into your subconscious.


As mentioned previously, there are many resources at your disposal on this topic. Deep breathing is a powerful tool, should you choose to use it in your daily practices.

Do your research and find what works for you!

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