Bringing In a Trusted Loved One to Help with Positive Affirmations

Asking for help is difficult for many people; it can elicit a feeling of vulnerability or weakness. On the contrary, finding an advocate for your self-care shows that you are taking control and prioritizing your needs.

People who care about you are usually more than willing to help you when you need it. When it comes to using positive affirmations, no matter the intention (boosting confidence, improving self-esteem, or combating negative thoughts), a trusted loved one can provide valuable support. Here are some considerations as you bring in a loved one to help with positive affirmations.


Take some time to reflect on the issues you are having so you can determine what exactly your needs are. Maybe you’re experiencing challenges with work, the dating scene, or parenting. Whatever it is, dig into what’s going on internally and try to define how you are feeling. The better you understand your needs, the easier it will be to communicate to trusted loved ones how they can best help you address them.

Choosing a trusted person

Think of the people in your life whom you truly trust. It could be your spouse, parents, siblings, friends, or coworkers. You may have dozens of people to choose from or just a few, but you only need one to make a difference. Make sure the person you pick is emotionally available to you, responsive, and intentional. 


Having a conversation may prove challenging if you don’t know where to start. Your trusted person may have the willingness to help but may not know how to. It’s best if you can give some guidance. Let them know what things they can do or say to make you feel better and then ask them to do it. Be as specific as you can. One example is to say, “I’d appreciate it if you could send me a text with a positive message every day.” 

Ask them to focus on positive words in the area you need. If you are working on self-confidence, ask them to send words of encouragement that will empower you, and build on your confidence.

Finding the method that works for you

There are a few ways that a trusted loved one can support you with positive affirmations. If you reach out to a person you see every day, such as a coworker, you could ask for a routine reminder when that person sees you. The coworker could simply give you an affirmation to reflect on each morning. Or you could meet with someone for a weekly coffee/affirmation date and get your encouragement through conversation. It doesn’t have to be in-person, either. You could ask someone to call, text, or email you each day to check-in and lift you up. 

Knowing when to seek professional help

Keep in mind that positive affirmations are a tool, and are in no way a replacement for professional therapy. If you are struggling with self-worth or negative thought patterns to the point that you feel debilitated or you are using unhealthy coping mechanisms, it may be time to seek help from a professional.

More support

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