12 gifts of joy sock ornament set
i've got this confidence sock ornament
i love my life - happiness sock ornament
i believe sock ornament red
i am amazing sock ornament white
i am crushing it sock ornament black
i am joyful sock ornament red
i am awesome sock ornament white
i am joyful sock ornament white
i am amazing sock ornament blue
i am joyful sock ornament green
i am strong sock ornament white
i am smart sock ornament white

12 sock ornaments = 12 gifts of joy

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12 pairs of notes to self® socks tucked into clear ornaments & separately packaged in beautiful kraft window boxes.

Send to a friend or to yourself to share with 12 people! Sets available in sizes M, L, XL. Or purchase the ornaments separately in various sizes for gift-giving. 

Socks Included:

  1. 'I am joyful' (red sock with white words)
  2. 'I am joyful' (white sock with red words)
  3. 'I am joyful' (green sock with white words)
  4. 'I am amazing' (white sock with red words)
  5. 'I am crushing it’ (black sock with yellow words)
  6. ‘I’ve got this – confidence’ (white sock with black words)
  7. ‘I love my life – happiness’ (black sock with green words)
  8. ‘I believe’ (red sock with white words and yellow outline)
  9. ‘I am awesome’ (white sock with purple words)
  10. ‘I am strong’ (white sock with black words)
  11. ‘I am smart’ (white sock with green words)
  12. ‘I am amazing’ (blue sock with white words)

The best gift idea for the year for Christmas or the holidays!

Our socks are proudly made in the USA.

sock size

shoe size
kids women men
XS 9 – 12½
S 12½ – 5 < 6
M 6 – 9 4½ – 8
L 9½ – 12 8½ – 12
XL 12½ – 16


sock size age
newborn 0 - 3 months
infant 3 - 12 months
toddler 1 - 2+ years


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baby headbands one-size
baby hats one-size
t-shirts unisex XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
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