laundry bag sock 3 pair set - i am amazing, i am awesome, and i am smart
laundry bag 3-pair sock set: smart, awesome, amazing

laundry bag 3-pair sock set: smart, awesome, amazing

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Three pairs of notes to self® socks in our new notes to self® laundry bag - a wonderful, practical gift! Includes:

  • 'I am smart' - white socks with green words
  • 'I am awesome'® - white socks with purple words
  • 'I am amazing'® - white socks with red words

    What a great way to organize and wash and dry your notes to self® positive affirmation socks. 

    No more lost socks! This bag will help keep your socks organized! It features a zipper opening, and a loop to hang on a hook. Great for kid's rooms!  It can hold up to 8 pairs. 

    15" x 11.5". 

    Made in USA!