Why Have Socks Become Popular as a Holiday Gift Idea?

Give a gift that keeps on giving this year. In a time where options are endless, sometimes a simple and timeless gift like our notes to self® positive affirmation socks is perfect.

Here is why we believe socks have become a popular holiday gift idea for so many!

It Saves Us Time

In the busy world that we live in now, there is one thing many of us seem to be lacking – time. Contemplating what to gift someone, let alone purchasing the gift, can seem so daunting of a task for those of us who never seem to have enough time.

No wonder socks are the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only is it a quality decision, but an easy one!

It Can Be Personal

Everyone appreciates a quality pair of socks. They are cozy, always useful and one can never have too many!

There are thousands of sock cuts, styles, and designs to choose from making it perfect for any personality or preference.

You can search for the perfect athletic socks for your athletic friends.

Or perhaps someone you love is having a hard time and you just want to help them feel better. Send them a pair of socks with sayings to encourage and brighten their day!

There's nothing more personal than showing someone they are seen and heard.

There's Something For Every Occasion

You can find a pair of socks for just about any situation (or holiday party). Whether it's for Father's Day, the wedding you’ll attend in the fall, your next hiking adventure, and more!

We created a page just for you here.

We love helping to make these occasions easier for you.

Plan This Year for the Holidays

Take the thinking out of the equation this holiday season. Shop early!

Consider the holiday parties, gatherings, and traditions you’d like to get gifts for. Keep them in your home, maybe even in a ‘gift closet’, and they’ll be ready for just the right occasion when you need them.

No more scrambling the month and weeks (sometimes even days!) leading up to the holidays again.

Another fun way to plan for the holidays is to send matching holiday socks to your family members and have everyone wear them at the same time.

We love nothing more than when our socks can bring people together and create memories.

Shop from our holiday collection here.

In Conclusion

You never have to rack your brain around what to give your friends and family again. A good, quality pair of socks is never out of style. We always say that our notes to self® socks are the best socks you’ll ever wear, but it’s really about the words. We know from the stories we hear regularly from people that give our socks and wear our socks that words make all the difference®.

When you are in need of a gift or want to send positive affirmation socks to someone, we've got you covered!

We can't wait to see how gifting socks benefits you and your holiday experience.

In need of a gift idea? You know where to find us!

Shop our catalog here.

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