grown and flown parenting never ends socks i am joyful socks in silver gift box

'Parenting Never Ends - Grown&Flown'® + 'I am joyful'™ socks in silver gift box

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2 pair sock gift set: 1 pair of 'Parenting Never Ends - Grown&Flown'® white socks and 1 pair of 'I am joyful'™ red socks with white words. Presented in a silver gift box tied with a satin ribbon.

The Parenting Never Ends - Grown & Flown® socks were created with Grown&Flown®, the largest site on the web for parents of high school and college kids and you can find it here. 

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sock size shoe size
newborn 0 - 3 months
infant 3 - 12 months
toddler 1 - 2+ years
kids XS 9 – 12½ (kids)
youth S 12½ – 5 (kids)
adult M 6 – 9 (women), 4½ – 8 (men)
adult L 9½ – 12 (women), 8½ – 12 (men)
adult XL 12½ – 16 (men)

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