zzz Why we do this

The idea for notes to self™ socks came from Laura's desire to make a difference in our world. After studying about the human brain and how thought patterns work, Laura began looking for ways that encourage positive words and thoughts to reprogram the brain. What better way than seeing a positive message every morning, and every night, and knowing that it's been with you all day!

Inspired by other companies that have given back to their community, our mission is to give away as many socks as possible to organizations that help women, children and teens. Oftentimes, the people who most need these words of affirmation are those who can least afford them. To date, we have provided thousands of pairs of socks to people who are not in a position to buy them.

In short, the more socks we sell, the more we will give away. We welcome creative ideas to get socks on as many feet as possible.

It's our way of changing the world…two feet at a time!