STA I'm a star socks

You've reached the St. Teresa's Academy 'I am a STAR" socks fundraiser page, benefiting the inaugural St. Teresa's Academy Stars Walk of Fame on April 12, 2013. For any "I am a STAR" socks sold between now and that event, $3 per pair will go towards fundraising for the event. Also, for any other socks (any styles or sayings) ordered thru this link/page, 10% of sales will go to this STA fundraiser!

IMPORTANT: If you'd like to pick up your socks at STA, and avoid paying shipping, before entering your credit card information, please use the discount code PICKUPATSTA.    

Socks ordered each week by Wednesday at 8:00 P.M. will be delivered to STA and available for pickup in the office of Kelly Drummond in the Donnelly Building each Friday after 1:00 P.M.

If you prefer to have the socks shipped directly to you, do not use that code (shipping charges will apply). Because you entered the site thru this special page, the # of socks sold will still be tracked, and the money will still go toward the STA fundraiser. If you have friends and family out-of-town, please share the link to this page with them. Thanks so much for helping to make this "I am a STAR" socks fundraiser a huge success!

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I'm a star gray socks