zzz July 2017 is the most important month in our company's 6 year history!

July 2017 is the most important month in our company's 6 year history!

July is a VERY important month for us! We are competing in a contest called 'Shopify - Build a Bigger Business'. Winning would be a game-changer! (See details below.) To win, we need huge sales in July on www.notestoself.com, and to have the 'Best Raving Fan Culture'. If you've ever considered sharing our posts or sharing why you love our socks on social media or shopping at www.notestoself.com - this is the month to do it! :) 

Special Opportunity July 1-31:

Order 25 or more pairs of notes to self® socks online at www.notestoself.com and we will donate the same number of pairs to your favorite 501(c)(3) charity. Please include the name and address of the charity you'd like for us to send the donated socks to in the 'gift message' field in the 'cart' section of your order. If you'd like for us to send them to a charity that we already support instead of a specific one that you specify, please let us know that in the gift message field. We will include a note to let the receiving organization know that you and/or your company made that donation possible. You might consider the following:

  • Buy socks to thank or encourage your team at work.
  • Put an order together between you and other family members or friends.
  • Do you holiday shopping early! 
  • Buy socks for your child's school class or team.
  • Buy socks that you can have on hand in your 'gift closet' to give for special occasions throughout the year.
  • We would love to hear your ideas on what you will do with the pairs you buy!

Discount Code:
Spend $59.00 or more and get 10% off - enter this discount code at checkout: SOCKS4EACHDAY

Also...new offer: FREE SHIPPING on US* orders over $100

Here are details about the contest:

There are 8 ways to win, and in order to win one of the 8 categories, we have to be among the top companies with the greatest percentage sales growth in July at www.notestoself.com

The category we are targeting is 'Best Raving Fan Culture' (the company with the most effective strategy to engage customers with their brand/product/business.) 

8 winners will receive a trip to NYC to visit the NY Stock Exchange to participate in the ringing of the opening bell, and then to the Namale Fiji Islands Resort & Spa to focus on business growth through guidance sessions with Tony Robbins and other Mentors. The 2 top companies that have the highest sales growth in dollars, and in percentage growth (comparing March to July) each get an additional prize package of $1,000,000 value in Marketing/PR help!

Our goal is to share our socks and the positive messages with as many people as possible, because we truly believe that the words on our socks can help improve a person's thoughts, actions and performance - assisting them in creating the life of their dreams! Winning this contest would help us with our mission/purpose!

Also, did you know that with every pair of notes to self® socks that you buy, you support our efforts in donating socks to underprivileged people near and far away? To date, we have donated over 40,000 pairs of notes to self® socks to homeless shelters, women's shelters, and others in need. Here is a link to a video about our donations to the homeless: CLICK HERE

We also have a contest running thru July 31: Enter for a chance to win #52pairs through this link - https://notestoself.wishpond.com/52-socks/

Thank you for helping us share our socks and the positive messages! We believe that 'words make all the difference.'®

notes to self® 
words make all the difference® 

*Lower 48 States

Here is our entry video for the contest: